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Crafted Floors, Elevated Ambiance

IKBR Kitchen and Bath brings expertise in flooring installation, ensuring your floors aren’t just walked on, but admired. With specialists who grasp both aesthetics and durability, we’re transforming the very ground you walk on.

Flooring Installation Specialists in West Palm Beach, FL

Every step in your home should resonate with elegance. At IKBR Kitchen and Bath in West Palm Beach, FL, our flooring installation isn’t just about laying tiles or planks. It’s about building foundations of beauty and durability. With each project, we merge functionality with aesthetics, ensuring your home gets the flooring it truly deserves.

marble flooring

More Than Just a Surface

It’s about the feeling under your feet, the assurance of durability, and the sheer beauty it radiates. Our solutions are tailored, prioritizing your style preferences while maintaining top-tier quality. The right flooring can redefine a room, and with us, you get that transformation.

Partner With Trusted Flooring Visionaries

IKBR Kitchen and Bath–also known as Icon IKBR, in West Palm Beach, FL, pioneer in bringing flooring dreams to life. With expertise in flooring installation and flooring remodeling, we delve deep into material specifics, ensuring what lies beneath your feet is nothing short of spectacular. Elevate your space with our exceptional flooring solutions.

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